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         Dining Hall and the Kitchen

            The Vidyashala has a spacious dining hall to simultaneously accommodate 450 people to sit and dine. The serving is managed by students themselves. The student Food Secretaries supervise the serving. Music is played through the dining hall's announcing system. Letters to students are also announced during each dining session by the Student Council Office Bearers.

On the first of every month, there is a dining hall arrangement when students are allotted places in the dining hall. Till the next dining hall arrangement, they are not supposed to change their places.

There is an attached kitchen to the dining hall. It is cleaned regularly. Vegetarian South Indian food is cooked for food. There is a regular menu system which is followed to cook the food, which has been scientifically designed to suit the nutrition students require.

All the necessary fruits and vegetables are grown in the Vidyashala gardens itself. The milk for all the students comes from the Vidyashala Dairy.