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The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a Premier Youth Organization in our country, symbolising National Integrity and Discipline. It aims as moulding the character of the youth and imbibing all the qualities of an ideal citizen.

NCC training has indeed been a very integral part of the non curriculum activities of Vidyashala. A part of the 13 KARNATAKA BATTALION (Army wing), Mysore, the Vidyashala cadets have always whole heartedly participated in the various NCC activities of the school.

Every Wednesday, cadets, neatly dressed in their uniforms, assemble in the NCC parade ground, ready for the activities of the day. They are taken for drilling till breakfast time. After breakfast, they are explained about the various aspects of the NCC and Army activities like map reading, first aid, weapon training, field craft, leadership and other aspects such as ecology, India our motherland and NCC activities etc.

Every year, cadets are taken to the firing range near the picturesque foot of the Divine Chamundi Hill and are given a chance to feel and fire with a .22 rifle. They also visit a nearby slum as a part of the Friends Of The Poor activity of the Vidyashala. On NCC day, they generally visit a hospital in Mysore city and distribute fruits and buns to the patients.

Our present NCC officer, Chief Officer Sri S P Suresh, is a man of high regard. He has won the Best NCC Officer award for the year 1998. He is also a senior Mathematics and Science teacher of our institution. He was commissioned into the NCC in the year 1976. He has distinguished himself in several subsequent camps and courses he has attended. In the Refresher Course Serial No R/JD - Part III - 42 held between 4 Feb 1991 and 15 Mar 1991, Sri S P Suresh secured first place in the order of Merit for which he received a personal letter of commendation from the Deputy Director General, NCC Directorate, Karnataka and Goa. He is also the recipient of letters of appreciation from several Commanding Officers for his outstanding services, honesty and devotion to duty during Combined Annual Training Camps.

With his vast experience and intimate knowledge about all aspects of the Junior Division of the NCC Army Wing, he has written a manual for cadets preparing for their Certificate A Examination, titled "CADET'S MANUAL".

Our Achievements in NCC

Please note : Cadets were not allowed by Vidyashala to participate in centrally organized camps outside upto 1986.

Achievements since 1986 :

Our Cadets at the Republic Day Camp, Delhi

Cpl R Sunil (All India Best NCC Cadet Camp bronze medallist)
CSM R Balakrishna
Cpl Avinash Achar
Cpl P K Ponnappa

Our Cadets at the Thal Sainik Camp, Delhi

Cpl V S Sreekanth (1986)
Cpl Alok Kumar (2000)
Cpl Ananth Ganapathy (2002)

Gold Medal for Creative Writing

Cdt B S Pradeep (1992)

Director General Of NCC Scholarships

Cdt Sushrutha L - Rs 3000/- (2000)
Cdt Vivek Shetty - Rs 5000/- (2002)

Best NCC Cadet of Mysore Group NCC

CSM K G Chengappa - Rs 1000/- (2001)

National Integration Camps :

Delhi - 3 cadets - 1987
J&K - 3 cadets - 1988
Jodhpur - 7 cadets - 1990
Himachal Pradesh - 3 cadets - 1991
West Bengal - 4 cadets - 1992
Assam - 1 cadet - 1993
Uttar Pradesh - 1 cadet - 1994
Port Blair (Andaman) - 1 cadet - 1994
Maharashtra - 1 cadet - 1995
Madhya Pradesh - 3 cadets - 1997 & 1999
Kerala - 2 cadets - 1998
Nagaland - 2 cadets - 2001

Trekking Camps

Uttar Pradesh - 1990
Goa - 1991-1992-1993-1994-1996-2000
Bihar - 1995

Rock Climbing

Bangalore - 1 cadet - 1992
Kerala - 1 cadet - 1994