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             The Old Boys Association

            The Vidyashala Old Boys' Association (OBA) has been functioning to preserve the memories and to maintain the association and tradition of Vidyashala among the past students. It is a vital link between the students, past and present, the staff and the Swamijis of the institution. It is also the aim of the association to make a sincere effort to uphold the ideals of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda and to live up to their teachings. The association assists the institution with new ideas and trends in the field of education and to procure materials of educational value.

            An Old Boys' Meet is held every year at the time of the College Day celebrations. To facilitate better interaction among the alumni and to strengthen their links with the institution, regional meets covering different districts are conducted. A Fellowship Centre at the Vidyashala offers an opportunity for periodical meets, prayer sessions, discussions, lectures, library and other activities.