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The Vidyashala Prayer hall is spacious enough to accommodate 400 people to squat and pray. The praying sessions are headed by a monastic member and the music party. The prayer is accompanied by instruments such as the harmonium, tabla, and the violin. Prayer is conducted between 6:00 am and 6:20 am in the mornings and between 6:30 pm & 6:50 pm in the evenings. On Sundays, the evening prayer is between 6:45 pm & 7:15 pm.

On festivals, there are special prayer sessions in the mornings. On the Ekadashi days and festivals, students wear their dhoti and uttareeya for the prayer.

Every Tuesday, there is a talk held in the prayer hall when monks of the RK Order give discourses which benefit the student community.

 The Vidyashala Prayer Hall